Ghostheads – Episode 23

Ghostheads – Episode 23

“Osama the Traveler. He leave in one of the prechosen forms. Ideally off the back of an aircraft carrier”

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Opening – Minutes 0:44 – 4:03

Topics – Minutes 4:04 – 23:50

Lost interview with Troy Benjamin – Minutes 23:51 – 44:37

Word from our sponsor – Minutes 44:38 – 44:44

Listener e-mail – Minutes 44:45 – 50:20

Closing – Minutes 50:21 – 56:45

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2 Responses to “Ghostheads – Episode 23”

  1. Ghostheads episode #23 now live! Says:

    […] that’s not kid friendly, and as a special bonus we uncover a lost interview. Head on over to to get the latest […]

  2. Paul R. from Spook Central: The Ghostbusters Companion Says:

    Great show, guys.

    In response to some of what was mentioned on the show…

    I think the unofficial name for the logo ghost is Buster. While working on the RGB DVD set, I seem to remember someone mentioning that the RGB crew gave him that unofficial name.

    I would love for Ghostbusters II to be released on Blu-ray, with deleted scenes, the featurettes and interviews from the EPK, and all of the trimmings. However, I don’t think an online petition will do any good. I’ve been around long enough to know that they usually never work. I honestly think that if Sony had any intention of putting Ghostbusters II out on Blu-ray, they would have done it already for the 25th anniversary of the franchise, which was also the 20th anniversary of the second film. Since Ghostbusters II isn’t as popular as the first film, the best time to put it out is in conjunction with the release of the first film on Blu. They missed that opportunity two years ago.

    If the fans are willing to settle for a movie-only Blu-ray release – if only so we can have the film on Blu-ray,period! – I have an idea on who we should petition. It’s not Sony, but another company that has been licensing lesser-known movies from Disney’s Touchstone Picture label (amongst other license holders) and putting them out on budget DVDs and Blu-rays. This company I have in mind mind also be the only way we can get all 40 episodes of Extreme Ghostbusters out on DVD, although, again, it would be without bonus features. This is all assuming that Sony is willing to license out Ghostbusters II and Extreme Ghostbusters to another company for a home video release – and that’s a pretty big assumption.

    I’ll post more about my ideas on one of the GB forums when I have a little more time.