About the show and hosts

Ghostheads is a podcast dedicated to anything, and everything Ghostbusters. Hosted by Jason Hughes and Luke Crisalli. The show revolves around the latest news and happenings in the Ghostbusters community. In each episode Luke and Jason give there take on the latest happenings in the community! Episodes average around 40 minutes depending upon the content of each episode.

Luke is a college student studying photography, and has a passion for taking amazing pictures. He’s also a serious food critic, food packaging collector, and a die-hard fan of Chick-Fil-A (he keeps trying to get Jason to get him some to no avail). A community member since 1997 Luke has seen it all when it comes to the GB community. He can tell you many stories about how the community has evolved over time.

Jason is a long time technology enthusiast that has a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology – Computer Networking. The man behind the scenes Jason came up with the idea of doing a podcast based around the Ghostbusters. Along with the help of Ron Daniels (retired), Jason started doing a monthly podcast. He does all of the technical work when it comes to creating, producing, and publishing an episode.

These two form the dynamic duo that is Ghostheads! Have a comment, idea, or suggestion. E-mail us at ghostheads[at]gmail[dot]com.