Ghostheads – Episode 16

August 27, 2010

Ghostheads – Episode 16

“Hey, Boogaloo! Your ugly, and your mother dresses you funny!”

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Special Guest – Pat Harmon

Opening – Minutes 1:16 – 1:57

News Topics – Minutes 1:58 – 32:22

Commercial – Minutes 19:28 – 19:38

Closing – Minutes 32:23 – 36:13

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3 Responses to “Ghostheads – Episode 16”

  1. Still nothing on the iTunes feed, unfortunately. Doing things the old fashioned way… download to desktop, drag into iTunes.

  2. Jeff

    I know. It’s a problem on Apple’s end. I have reported several concerns, and posted in there support forum, and I haven’t got a response. Now if you click on the subscribe to link in iTunes it will work. I’ve tested it on a couple different computers and it works.

  3. To The Ghostheads Crew

    Thanks for the honor of mentioning Spook Central’s 14th Anniversary in the broadcast. It nearly brought a tear to my eye listening to what the guys had to say. I’m touched…really.

    — Paul