Get involved with Episode 3!!

Hey guys we are in the middle of preparation for episode 3 and we want to get you guys involved. Since the Comic-Con announcement is just days away we want to record your reactions and have them in the episode. So if you want to be in the next episode just send us an e-mail with the subject “ghosthead reaction” to ghostheads[at]gmail[dot]com. And we will get it all setup.

9 Responses to “Get involved with Episode 3!!”

  1. Michael B Jackson Says:

    This next Podcast, I think you should talk to some people at Terminal Reality and Sierra; and find out if the game has found a publisher yet? Also if the delay will happen? Tell them the game doesn’t need a delay, their is no need; just tell sierra to publish the game theirselves.

  2. Brandon Wright Says:

    i know your proably getting many questions about the game and the problems at activision but it seems like to me that every website has another description on what happened can you please give us a straight answer? is the game cancelled? is the game deleayed? please help me! until the game comes out all i have to do is figure out how to get my toaster to dance.

  3. Brandon Wright Says:

    earlier you guys reported there was going to be a special announcment from sony about ghostbusters that didn’t have to do with the game. i’ve been on all the sites and i haven’t heard anything. i’m still realy happy the game was there but where was sony’s announcment?
    please help!

    Brandon Wright

  4. Brandon Wright Says:

    i have heard about the multiplayer in Ghostbusters the game but the co op sounds realy confusing. the way they described makes it sound like the halo 3 co op but i’m not sure. do u have any info on the co op campaign or online multiplayer non co op?
    Brandon Wright

  5. Brandon Wright Says:

    we know about real ghost busters being on DVD is there any news about extreme ghostbusters being on dvd? i grew up with that show and it is what got me into ghostbusters.

    Brandon Wright
    P.S. all the guys on the ghostbusters forums that are giving me and my friends a hard time for being too young to be ghostbusters fans. i just have to say your being very immature and ghostbusters is a ageless classic and new people fall in love with it everyday. just because i’m 15 dosn’t mean i am not a ghosthead. thanx

  6. Brandon Wright Says:

    i know this is old news but can bill murry be in “ghostbusters 3” for like 10 minutes just to train a new team or mabey something like that? he says he’s too old but look at harrison ford picking up the fedora again. do you guys have any new info on GB3?

    Brandon Wright
    P.S. to ghostheads,
    sorry about spamming you i will stop. it is just so confusing being a new ghostbusters fan now because there is so much news about new movies, games, comics, toys, and cartoons i can’t tell which are still on and which are cancelled.
    love the show guys!!!! keep it up i am a ghosthead addict and i vidit the site every day but unfortunetly there isn’t much on it mabey you could put more news on it like or or mabey a weekly show but that’s proably hard to do. i’m still talking! sorry.

  7. Michael Jackson Says:

    We need 2 get an answer from Sony, Activision, Sierra, or Terminal Reality about what is going on. Does the game have a publisher? Mark Randall said “the game will be published.” Who is the publisher? Will the game still be released October 21st? Will the game be delayed till 2009? Is the rumor about the game being a PS3 exclusive true? Will their be a collectors edition of the game?

  8. Michael Jackson Says:

    Now that we know the game is delayed till 2009. We need to know who will be publishing the game? If the game will ship in March? Will PS3 get an exclusive collectors edition of the game?

  9. Brandon Wright Says:

    it proably will come in a collectors edition because the movie is coming out on blu ray at thye same day. the game will come with the game,GB1,GB2 all on blu. because sony owns the title.