Ghostheads – Episode 3

Ghostheads Episode III: Do. Re. Egon!!

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Show Notes:
News Minutes 3 to 22

Time Life Official Announcement of Real Ghostbusters on DVD

IDW Comics Ghostbusters: The Other Side

Activision not releasing Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Sponsor Minutes 22 to 24

Proton Charging –

Featured Site Minutes 24 to 31

Ghostbusters HQ –

Mailbag Minutes 31 to 44

Extreme Ghostbusters

Why we like Ghostbusters

Site Updates Minutes 44 to 45

Updating the Site

Look for Fan Works to posted soon

Facebook Minutes 45 to 47

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2 Responses to “Ghostheads – Episode 3”

  1. Tim Says:

    Who are these whiners complaining about the RGB DVD set? Where can I find them? We’re getting the ENTIRE series, tons of features on DVD for the first time. What is there to complain about? The price? OK. And I bet those same people have a 360, a Wii, or a PS3 that they paid a ton of money for and then pay upwards of $50 a game. You know, you can make payments in four installments if you want. It perplexes me that people aren’t happy with this set. The features included are incredible. My gut is telling me that those who are complaining are probably just let down that the game isn’t coming out this fall. No one is happy about the delay, but IT WILL BE OUT next year. And folks, IDW, a reputable publisher, is producing a Ghostbusters comic this fall. Any way you slice it, this is a good time to be a GB fan. Stop whining.

  2. Ron Says:

    Tim, very fine words. Jason and I pretty much agree with you, this stuff is GREAT. People need to whine less, and be happy more. ^^