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I thought about taking a cellular watch and switching to EE as the only carrier to offer the data contracts for the Apple Watch. But I can`t calculate the cost. Contracts look like £28 a month for 24 months, but you get the watch for free. But I don`t tend to like contracts and I can`t understand what happens at the end of the 24 months – what are the ongoing context costs? The Apple Watch Series 7 launched on Friday, October 15, and if you`ve been planning to update your aging Apple Watch for a while — or just want to dip your toes into the smartwatch scene for the first time — now is the perfect time to do so. Unlike EE, however, the contracts available at O2 last 36 months. To see the phone number assigned to a family member`s Apple Watch after you set up the phone, go to Settings on your watch, then tap Phone. EE`s new connected data SIM cards can be used in tablets, laptops and mobile broadband EE`s new connected data SIM plans are designed for tablets, laptops or Moble broadband. They skip all contracts and don`t require a credit check. You can get them with 4GEE WiFi devices or by yourself. They start at £30 per month for 30GB and include 30 data day add-ons and additional subscriptions at a higher price. Your iPhone and Apple Watch must use the same network provider, unless the watch is set up for a family member who doesn`t have an iPhone. If you change the network provider on your iPhone*, you`ll need to remove the previous service plan on your Apple Watch and sign up for a new plan.

Here`s how: Thanks for the answer. This is exactly the problem I have, and I also tried to settle down as a family member and stopped at the same place. I don`t want to create another family member just so I can have them and then play around with the settings to get full access. I also have the exact same reply/error message on my phone with EE. It would be nice if an apple guru looked at this and responded as you say, if it`s a bug and they try to fix it, then that`s fine. Fingers crossed, I`ll keep you posted. Available in five different colors, the new Apple Watch S6 features a new sensor and app to measure blood oxygen, heart health notifications, and other advanced health features. Apple Watch Series 6 is the watch that watches over you. And with 4G on EE, you can do without your phone.

Plus, you`ll save £100 when you trade in your old device. Go through checkout and you will be asked to log in, and once you are ordered, the new contract will be linked to your existing account. When you`re ready to use a new Apple Watch, you can transfer cellular service from your old watch to your new one. Here`s how: EE also offers the Apple Watch Series 7, with prices starting at £28 per month. While EE`s monthly payments are higher than Vodafone`s, the EE contract has a term of 24 months compared to Vodafone`s 36 months. If you opt for EE`s 4GB data plan, you`ll get a free bonus – six months of free access to Apple Fitness+. This subscription service is the perfect partner for your new Apple Watch and typically costs £9.99 per month. Tap i next to the watch you want to unlink Your Apple Watch with cellular automatically switches to the most energy-efficient Wi-Fi available: it can connect to your iPhone when it`s nearby, to a Wi-Fi or cellular network. When your watch establishes a cellular connection, it uses LTE networks. If LTE is not available, your watch will attempt to connect to UMTS if your carrier supports it. How do I sign an Apple Watch agreement with EE and add it to my current EE plan with my mobile phone? Or I could add an already owned watch to an eE phone contract, but I can`t figure out what the cost is of simply adding a watch to an existing contract per month.

The cellular button turns white when your mobile data plan is active, but your watch is connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. I have the same problem iPhone 11 Promax and Apple Watch Series 6 with EE I spent 8 hours with EE technical support not paired and paired 4 times still no joy EE did not find a solution, although it was passed on to technical level 2 customers can enjoy the new Apple Watch S6 of only £28 per month more, Apple`s new family setup – where you can pair an iPhone with the watch and stay in touch When your watch connects to a cellular network, you can check the signal strength via control center or the Explorer watch face. To open Control Center, hold down the bottom key on the screen, and then swipe up. At present, EE is the only company in the UK to offer LTE for the new watch. So how do you actually set it up to work in the network? We show you the steps to follow if you want to leave your iPhone at home. Every time I do this, he asks for a PAC number that I don`t have, I thought a PAC number was when you leave your EE contract? Yes, decoupling your watch won`t affect your active data plans. Just tap on the Keep Data Plan option when you pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone again. For the Apple Watch to work on the EE network, you need to sign up for the £5/m data contract. This can be done through the Apple Watch app. you can find the range of EE Pay monthly Apple smartwatches here.

With Apple`s new family setup, customers can use their iPhone to pair watches for family members who don`t have their own iPhone. EE`s family members` plan means they can give them a separate number so they can always stay connected. As I`m only in a new EE plan for a few days, I`m considering a termination and I`m going with Vodafone or O2, I can try again with EE pm today if I can last long enough, but it`s either a bug in Watch OS7.01 or EE due to people working from home, having too many engineers. It wouldn`t be so bad if EE or Apple said a fix is coming soon. The Apple Watch Series 7 can be purchased from Vodafone in a number of plans. The mobile operator offers both the 41mm and 45mm (GPS + 4G) models, with prices starting at £20 per month for a 36-month watch plan. The contract with Vodafone has a duration of 36 months. Available in three beautiful colors, Apple Watch SE combines the largest Apple Watch display with advanced sensors to track all your fitness and exercise goals. And with 4G on EE, you can do without your phone.

Plus, customers can save £100 when they exchange their old watch. If you get the watch “for free”, they will take much more from you than the value of the watch. Go to the My Watch tab and tap on your watch at the top of the screen Apple says the Watch Series 7 is the “most durable Apple Watch ever” and has “the largest and most advanced screen” ever seen on the smartwatch line. The Apple Watch Series 7 has a screen size up to 20% larger than its predecessor and is the first to be IP6X certified against dust. How do I add an Apple Watch to my plan (for a watch I`ve already purchased)? Available in EE stores and online at, low prices for the eighth-generation iPad and Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE are now available. Customers can also redeem an Apple Watch Series 3, Series 4 or Series 5 and save £100 on select prices. Every little thing helps, huh? Buy an Apple Watch Series 6 with EE and get six months of Apple Fitness+ free If you`re looking for a new smartwatch, EE has made its Apple Watch offerings more appealing by adding six months of Apple Fitness+ now. This is available for Watch Series 6 and SE models.

Prices start at £20 per month, but go up to £28 per month depending on the offer. It seems that Apple, which is adding additional iOS 14 support for the watch family, is causing mobile data issues on all cellular watches when, as with us, there are unusual criteria The whole story is that I have an EE account with 4 SIM plans only, to which my series 3 watch data plan was also attached, everything was good. I now have a 6-hour series and I`m having trouble setting up mobile data. As all plans had expired, EE set up new plans for all phones, took my Series 3 watch and set up a new standalone plan for my Series 6, they had my EID number and all I had to do was pair my new watch with my phone via 4G, easy. But no, when I pair my watch with my phone (set up for myself), there is a problem with the data plane configuration. He tells me that the plan I bought is not compatible and that I need to set up my watch as “set up for a family member”. EE says the plan is correct and doesn`t seem to know why I can`t set it up like my watch and attach the data plan I purchased. After having the watch for a week now and calling EE 4 times and they called me back a little more, I`m frustrated. Can someone please help me? The Apple Watch Series 7 is available at O2 from just £17.99 per month. The contract is for 36 months, with the cheapest Apple Watch with O2 being the 41mm GPS and Cellular model with sports band. This model is available in four colors – green, blue, midnight and starlight.

EE`s other announcement revolves around new pay-as-you-go data SIM plans. For £30 you get 30GB over two months, for £50 you get 120GB over 12 months. There are also options to get 30-day data add-ons. These SIM-only offerings can be used in a tablet, laptop or mobile broadband and allow you to join EE without a contract or credit check. The LTE service is a plus, with EE offering unlimited data for free for the first six months, then 10GB of data per month for £5.. .

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